Expanding Light Boutique

Whether you are looking for items to support your spiritual life or you are searching for the perfect gift, Ananda Village offers unique and uplifting shopping opportunities and exceptional customer service.

The Expanding Light RETREAT Boutique

Web: www.ananda-boutique.org
Phone:  (530) 478-7518 x 7083
Hours:  Open 7 days a week, 9am – 5pm.

The Expanding Light Boutique is designed to uplift your shopping experience with beauty, grace and fun!

To support your spiritual life, we carry books, music, meditation gear, candles, incense and a large selection of items for your altar.

For those who love to shop, we also carry unique cards, clothing, jewelry, scrumptious soaps and lotions, opulent wall hangings, and a wide range of gift items.

Directions to The Expanding Light Boutique

Directions to The Expanding Light Boutique

For driving directions, click here.

Crystal Hermitage Shrine and Gift Shop

Web: www.crystalhermitage.org/boutique
Phone: (530) 478-7586
Hours: Wed. – Fri., 1:30pm – 4:30pm;
Sat. and Sun. 1:30pm – 4pm.  Closed Mon. and Tues.

Housed in the same building as the Shrine of the Masters Museum, Crystal Hermitage Gift Shop elevates your shopping experience to a spiritual pilgrimage.

We carry hand-crafted malas (prayer beads), wool shawls, silk altar cloths, photos of the Ananda masters, devotional statues for your altar and garden, wind chimes, jewelry, Indian apparel, stationery and more.

After shopping, please feel welcome to enjoy the power of the Shrine of the Masters Museum, the peace of Crystal Hermitage Chapel, and the beauty of Crystal Hermitage Gardens.

Directions to the Crystal Hermitage Gift Shop

Directions to Crystal Hermitage Gift Shop

For driving directions, click here.

The Jewel in the Lotus Thrift Store

Phone:  (530) 478-7629
Hours: Tues. – Fri., 12:30pm – 5pm;
Sat. 12:30 pm – 3:30pm; Closed Sun. and Mon.

Run by the Village’s Living Wisdom School, 100% of your donations and purchases help to fund school events and teach students valuable skills, while supporting local students with their school tuition.

We carry a wide selection of gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing for all seasons.

We also carry items for the home, children’s books and toys, holiday decorations and more!

Before shopping, enjoy a delicious vegetarian hot lunch (served 12:30 pm Mon. – Fri.) at Master’s Market. Deli sandwiches also available.

Ananda Village Map

Directions to The Jewel in the Lotus

For driving directions, click here. (Jewel in the Lotus is located right next door to the Village Reception Office.)