You are invited to share in many of the special events and celebrations that happen during the year. These special events include community workdays, holiday programs, Sunday Service, and traditional holidays that are sacred to our path.

For more information about taking a tour of Ananda Village, including the Crystal Hermitage, Living Wisdom School and Ananda Permaculture & Apothecary, by clicking on these links.

Upcoming Events:

Finding Happiness Movie Party

January 14, 2018 at 4 pm at the Living Wisdom Center

Celebrate the 2018 nationwide launch of Finding Happiness movie! Popcorn included!

Shivaratri, an Indian Style Kirtan

Feb 9, 5:30- midnight, Hansa Temple

Although our celebration is for only 6 hours, staying awake all night is symbolic of the kind of awareness and oneness of purpose that a truth seeker needs to reach the divine goal, and is said to be rewarded with a boon for those who stay all night.

The evening will be full of bhajan (Indian chants), and later in the night, time to honor Divine Mother and Guru. Stay tuned for more information and the schedule.

An Easter Retreat
A Retreat for Spiritual Renewal

Friday, Mar 30 – Sunday, Apr 1

During this uplifting weekend offered at the Expanding Light Retreat, you will be thrilled to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and its non-denominational, practical wisdom for your spiritual journey.

Christ Lives, an Oratorio of the life of Jesus

Friday, Mar 30, 7:30 pm Living Wisdom Center

This vivid musical oratorio transports you to the Holy Land and Jesus’s life, from birth to resurrection, with choral, solo and instrumental music composed by Swami Kriyananda.

Springtime at Ananda

Mar 31 to April 1 (depending on weather)

Last year Crystal Hermitage Gardens hosted over 8,000 visitors from as far away as Maine, steadily increasing attendance every year from the 500 visitors of the first year. Approximately 16,000 and 90 varieties of mid and late season Dutch tulip bulbs have been planted which guarantees the most spectacular display to date and a garden lover’s paradise.

For more information on upcoming events, please contact:

Ananda Village Reception Office
(530) 478-7500
Mon. – Fri., 10am – 4pm PST