Ananda Farm (CCOF)

Serve on our farm which has been growing food here since 1970. Learn about organic food production, handling, distribution, irrigation, crop rotation, and more.

Master's Market

Serve at the Market, greet customers, bake, cook, make smoothies, bliss balls, maybe even try your own creation! Learn more

Innovative and Entrepreneurial projects

A goal for the internship is to support creativity and generate fresh ideas for creating new industry and employment at Ananda Village.

Ananda Village Sustainable Community Management

Work with a team of community developers, planners, designers and builders. Apply or learn skills such as mapping, forestry, general construction and community infrastructure.

Radio Ananda

Serve and learn about Ananda music and a unique outreach ministry; potential for training using specific software, working with audio upgrade technology and other aspects of radio programming Learn more

Healing Prayer Ministry

Serve and learn with Mary Kretzmann, longtime director of Ananda’s Healing Prayer Ministry, steeped in the techniques and teachings from Yogananda’s tradition of Divine Healing. Learn more

Meditation Retreat

Assist the staff in maintaining the uplifting vibrations of the retreat and the magical gardens. Learn more

Ananda Communications, Administration and Web Services

Apply or learn skills ranging from computer and web programming to writing, graphic design, data entry and other fun techy stuff.

Expanding Light Kitchen

Join the Expanding Light team of chefs and sous-chefs and learn to prepare delicious vegetarian meals for retreat guests. Learn more

Ananda Permaculture (CCOF)

Learn and work with experts in permaculture, biodynamics and natural farming principles. All centered around co-creating with Nature and Spirit. Learn more

Special Projects

Additional potential for projects or immersion in: forestry, construction, landscaping, remodeling, painting, and much more.

Crystal Hermitage

Serve and learn with master gardeners in a world-class ornamental garden of terraced annual flowers, perennial trees and shrubs. Enjoy the peaceful, joyful vibrations of this sacred hermitage. Learn more