Karma Yoga & Internships at Ananda Village

Join us for a dynamic exploration of spiritual community. Serve with joy and apply your skills (or learn new ones) in farming, building, technology, administration and more; study, practice & serve surrounded by diverse and spiritually supportive friends; meditate deeply each day and explore Paramhansa Yogananda’s universal and powerful path of Kriya Yoga and Self Realization.

Village internships are typically 1-2 months minimum. All internships start with 2-4 joyful weeks of participation in the Karma Yoga program at The Expanding Light. Some of the dynamic, fun, and interesting places Interns can serve at Ananda Village include, but are not limited to:

  • Ananda Farm (CCOF): Serve on our farm which has been growing food here since 1970. Practice yoga in action and 29443_10150216573405257_651995256_12675579_7145610_nlearn about organic food production, handling, distribution, irrigation, crop rotation, and more.
  • Ananda Permaculture (CCOF): Learn and work with experts in: permaculture, biodynamics, natural farming principles, plan selection, planting bareroots and seedlings, preparing seed flats, soil amendments, tree and shrub pruning, harvesting fruit, veggies and herbs, irrigation and swales, rain water systems, all centered around co-creating with Nature and Spirit.
  • Yogoata Dairy Experience the joy of serving at our spiritualized, loving and humane goat herdshare. Services include milking, feeding and herding goats, chickens and ducks, fencing, cleaning, and other farm tasks.
  • Healing Prayer Ministry: Serve and learn with Mary Kretzmann, master healer and longtime director of Ananda’s Healing Prayer Ministry, steeped in the techniques and teachings from Yogananda’s tradition of Divine Healing. Other duties may include translation, transcription or clerical work.
  • Radio Ananda: Serve and learn about Ananda music and a unique outreach ministry; potential for training using specific software, working with audio upgrade technology and other aspects of radio programming.
  • Ananda Communications, Administration and Web Services: Apply or learn skills ranging from computer and web programming to writing, graphic design, data entry and other fun techy stuff.
  • Ananda Village Sustainable Community Management: Work with a team of community developers, planners, designers and builders. Apply or learn skills such as mapping, forestry, all aspects of general construction and maintenance, landscaping, and working with community infrastructure.
  • Crystal Hermitage: Serve and learn with master gardeners in a world-class ornamental garden of terraced annual flowers, perennial trees and shrubs; serve with general maintenance in these extensive grounds and gardens, and enjoy the peaceful, joyful vibrations of this sacred hermitage.
  • With additional potential for projects in Karma Yoga Internships or Immersion in: forestry, construction, landscaping, remodeling, painting, and much more.

Internships include daily practices of yoga and meditation, with an emphasis on Paramhansa Yogananda’s powerful techniques of Kriya Yoga. Enjoy simple, delicious vegetarian meals and beautiful campsites and trails within Ananda Village.

Included in your schedule of service, meals, sadhanas (yoga & meditation), and spiritual classes, Karma Yogis and Interns also have time for reading and quiet reflection or relaxation; exploring Ananda’s 700 acres of scenic beauty; visiting the magnificent Yuba River or Nevada City; and enjoying treats and social time at Ananda’s little wholefoods deli & store, Master’s Market.

Costs & Details

  • Karma Yoga Program – $500/month, including two books for studying yoga and meditation
  • Internship Program – $250/month with acceptance; some additional incidental and minimal food costs may apply
  • Start anytime June – October 2020
  • Intern for 1-3 months with options to extend your stay

Please contact us with any questions

Expanding Light – [email protected]

Karma Yoga – [email protected]

Internships and Immersion – [email protected]