Experience Living and Serving in the Heart of Ananda Village
– One of the most successful Cooperative Spiritual Communities in the World.

Serve with joy and apply your skills (or learn new ones) in farming, building, technology, administration and more. Study, practice and serve surrounded by diverse and spiritually supportive friends. Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s effective techniques for expanding your awareness, such as meditation, Kriya Yoga, spiritual Hatha Yoga, and divine friendship.

Program Overview

This summer program is for spiritual seekers aged 18-35 to experience spiritual community living and deepen their spiritual practice. The duration of the program is July 1st to October 1st. You can choose when to participate, but minimum length of stay is 1 month.

COVID-19 Update
Ananda Village, as a community, is in self-isolation. However, we are continuing the Ananda Village Internship Program with precaution. We will now only allow new interns to arrive on the select dates: July 1st, July 15th, August 1st, August 15th & September 1st.

Cost & Details

The program cost of $400/month covers:

  • Serving in the community 24 hours/week Monday-Friday.
  • Three vegetarian meals per day.
  • Living at the Internship campsite.
  • Twice-daily sadhanas. Sadhanas typically include Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, Ananda Yoga, and Ananda Meditation.
  • Opportunity for 1-on-1 spiritual guidance and support.
  • Classes on the yogic teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Additional minimal costs may be required for traveling and laundry. We offer a limited number of scholarships on a need basis to accepted applicants.

Do you have further questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

About Our Program

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Ananda Village
Sample Internship Schedule (Monday-Friday)

Interns start their day together with a group sadhana practice and share all meals together. They are assigned two service shifts a day in different parts of the community. Service shifts at the farm will start earlier at 7:00.

6:00 Wakeup
6:15-8 Daily sadhana (energization, Ananda Yoga, chanting & meditation)
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Morning service shift
12:00 Noon meditation
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Afternoon service shift
4:30 Free time or class
6:30 Dinner (group meal cooked by interns)
7:30 Evening program or free time

Weekends: Mostly free time or fun group outings. In the past, intern adventures have included an all night moonlight hike, weekend trip to Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay and seclusion time at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat.

Badri serves in community management, moonlights as a guest teacher for The Expanding Light and elsewhere, and directs the Ananda Village Internship program.

While dedication to spiritual life is his greatest passion, he loves family, community, music, surfing, and sports. He is known for his energetic presence and his love of service and having fun. He lives at Ananda Village with his wife, Gita, and children, Tulsi and Jay.

Catarina and Ben are co-leading the Internship program.

Catarina serves at The Expanding Light Retreat Center and is an Ananda Meditation teacher. She has a deep passion for the philosophy and theory behind meditation and loves supporting people in both getting started with and deepening their own meditation practice. She looks forward to supporting and embarking on a deep transformative spiritual journey with all the new Interns.

Ben serves at the Living Wisdom School and at Ananda Meditation retreat. He always wanted to live with high ideals and do something joyful and meaningful, in service to others. This he found at Ananda: “It has awakened me to my spiritual path and inner growth”. He looks forward to offering his friendship and sharing community living in this transformative spiritual environment with all who join the Internship Program.

Read about Stephanie’s Internship experience:
Ananda through the eyes of an intern!

The Ananda internship program was a life-changing experience. As someone who is a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda, the program deepened my attunement to this great master. From working alongside longtime residents of Ananda village to the evening classes with inspiring ministers, the Ananda internship program helped me become a better disciple and human being. The lifelong friendships and bonds built this summer is something I will cherish for many years to come.

– Thomas from Tampa, FL

“It is because of the Ananda Village Internship that I have had one of the best summers of my life! It is because of the friends I have made from the Internship, because of the people I have met at Ananda and because of the amazing practices that I have learned throughout the Internship, that I loved my summer so much. So, if you love joy, friendship, fun and meeting cool Yogis, then I recommend it to you and I hope that it makes your summer as extraordinary as it did to me :-D”

– Julia from Canada

If one is looking for a better way of living, Ananda Village is a model for future civilizations, which we can experience today. Literally like taking a time machine from the Kali / Dwapura Yuga to Tretya / Satya Yuga! It’s rare to find a group of people who are living harmoniously with nature, but Ananda is that place.

– Tim from Austin, TX

“This summer I participated in the Ananda Internship Program, and apart from spending my time with amazing souls and extraordinary people, I got to work everyday alongside the people in the community, learning from them and contributing my energy for the benefit of all. I feel the internship program is the best training ground for communal living in high consciousness, while still emphasizing the importance of personal spiritual growth. My friends from this program are my brothers and sisters in the deepest possible way and I am a better person myself for having participated in it.”

– Ashtara from Israel

All Interns will be living at Hiranyaloka, an outdoor campsite nestled in the foothills of Ananda Village. We ask that each Intern bring their own tent and camping gear (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow etc.) Summer at Ananda Village is typically beautiful and sunny during the day and chilly at night.

We make our own breakfast and dinner at the campsite with vegetarian groceries that are provided by the camp. Lunches are provided for us.

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