This program is a very deep experience, and it is important that you are in a place of readiness to receive the maximum benefits and blessings from your time here. As such, the application process is designed to help both you and the Program Coordinators, Nayaswami Maria and Nayaswami Sahaja, determine when might be the most appropriate time for you to participate.

If you would like to view the application process overview in document form, please retrieve it HERE.

  1. Seek Recommendation – Seek the recommendation to participate from your local Ananda Minister or Leader. Ask them to contact the Program Coordinators, Nayaswami Maria and Nayaswami Sahaja ([email protected]), to submit your name for application.
  2. Understand Expectations
    Read through the Living Discipleship Policies and Costs document to understand all expectations before completing the application.
  3. Complete Application
    Complete the Living Discipleship Program Application in it’s entirety, as well as the Medical Form (to be used in event of an emergency). Once submitted, Nayaswami Maria and Nayaswami Sahaja will receive a notification, and be in touch to set up a one-on-one meeting.
  4. Meet with Program Coordinator
    Complete a one-on-one meeting with one of the Program Coordinators (usually 45 minutes in length). This will help them understand where they can support you in preparations for the program, and when might be the most appropriate time for your participation. Based on this conversation, they will approve you to make reservations at the Meditation Retreat.
  5. Reserve Accommodations
    Once approved to move forward by Nayaswami Maria or Nayaswami Sahaja, calculate the cost of your program and note accommodation preferences by submitting the Cost Calculation Form. Once submitted, you may contact Nayaswami Susan ([email protected], 530-478-7557) directly to discuss your housing preferences.
  6. Pay Deposit
    Submit your $350 deposit within 10 days after speaking to Nayaswami Susan. If sending check, please note Mailing Address as follows:

    Meditation Retreat
    14618 Tyler Foote Rd. #114
    Nevada City, CA 95959

            Note: Please be mindful that you are not considered registered for the program until you have been approved by Nayaswami Maria or Nayaswami Sahaja, and have secured reservations at the Meditation Retreat by paying your $350 deposit.