Ananda Village has many opportunities for families and children of all ages to come together in community, spirit, celebration and special events on a regular basis and throughout the year. If you are looking for support or way to visit or participate with your family, contact [email protected]

Our weekly, Friday night Family Kirtans are a highlight for families & kids of all ages, often followed by a casual potluck or pizza night gathering at Master’s Market. Open to all – contact [email protected] or 530-470-2336 for details.

We offer a special Family Service once a month (1st or 2nd Sunday of the month) at 9:15. With parents and children together our family service includes prayer, music, a brief meditation, stories and a modified Festival of Light with songs and blessing. Open to all – contact [email protected] or 530-470-2336 for details.

Visit our Education for Life page to learn more about our education philosophy and school system. Learn more about our local Living Wisdom School, founded in 1972 which shares inspiration and training for children in all aspects of life, as well as encouraging academic excellence and self-discovery.

Conscious Families is a locally based Education for Life partner program that provides inspiration and support for parents and families around the world. Directed by Erin Vinacco, Village resident, minister and certified EFL teacher, Conscious Families offers resources for parents including classes, coaching and more!

Our Family Yoga Retreat also provides an opportunity for families to come together at Ananda Village to enjoy the beauties of spiritual community, nature, good food, fun and company.