Community, Retreats, and More at Ananda Village

We warmly invite you to explore the different ways to experience inspiration at Ananda Village.

Participate in our Community Events:

  • Join us every Sunday for an uplifting, inspirational Sunday Service at the Temple of Light.
  • Immerse yourself in our seasonal fairs, concerts, art exhibits, and other special events throughout the year.
  • Enjoy farm-to-table dinners featuring fresh, organic produce grown right here at Ananda Farm.

Experience Uplifting Retreats:

Learn Online:

  • Learn to meditate with the Ananda Course in Meditation – a transformative program that offers practical techniques, a supportive community, and expert guidance.
  • Become a yoga and meditation teacher with Ananda Teacher Trainings, available online and in-person.
  • Dive into yoga philosophy, healing, and practical spiritual living with inspiring online classes.

Travel with Us:

  • Embark on a transformative journey with our spiritual pilgrimages, visiting sacred sites around the world.