It’s July 19th and the “cold hard light of day” is now the “hot hard light of day”. Current temperatures reaching near 99 degrees are a stark contrast from just months ago when we had 3 feet of snow blessing the land. Pictured here is the Corn Maze growing in the Valley of Peace, This section of Ananda Farm is named Surya* and you can see why. Next to the corn is the famous Pumpkin Patch which is steadily growing and fruiting. We are anticipating a healthy harvest for this year’s Ananda Harvest Festival.

In Lakshmi Garden, the Marion Berries are about to pop, so be ready for them at Master’s Market. With this heat they will be ready in a week. Also we are having the 2nd coming of… Strawberries. Apparently the ever-berring variety thinks Fall is coming and has started its 2nd cycle of the year.

*Surya is the Sanskrit word for “sun.” Surya stands for willpower, courage and vitality. Surya is an important concept in yoga because, since ancient times, yogis have worshiped the sun through mantras, movements and salutations.