New Year’s blessings from Ananda Village, by Badri Matlock

In the spirit of Yogananda, may we all blossom spiritually in the coming year. In his own words:

“Let nothing weaken your conviction that you can be whatever you want to be. There is no one obstructing you unless it be yourself.”yogananda1-lg

Yogananda is a living presence, blessing and speaking to us through our own conscience, if we invite him. He is always encouraging us to be positive, to live in the spirit of true joy, to meditate and tobe  free in our hearts. As such we can live to our fullest potential of success, happiness and spiritual progress. From his New Year’s talk over 80 years ago, but never more relevant or true:

“Cast away all negative thoughts and fears. Remember that as a child of God you are endowed with the same potentialities as the most excellent among men. As souls, none is greater than another. Attune your will to be guided by the wa0bce6b6d58427e4e2404ec1261b3832isdom of God as expressed in the wisdom of the sages. If your will is yoked to wisdom, you can achieve anything. ”

May the spirit of Yogananda and the blessings of all dedicated seekers be with you in the coming year. By our own efforts, and the grace of God, let us resolve the greatest success and joy in 2017.

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