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Sunday Service

Sunday Service

"Lord, we offer up the little light that is in us into Thy blazing light of Infinity."

-Swami Kriyananda, Festival of Light

Time: 11 am – 12:30 pm

Location: The Expanding Light Temple at Ananda Village’s retreat center, unless otherwise noted. (During the summer, service is usually held outdoors, in the Expanding Light’s amphitheater.)

You are invited to join Ananda Village residents and guests for weekly Sunday Service. Service includes devotional chanting, prayer, affirmation, meditation, an inspirational talk by an Ananda minister, and the Festival of Light, a ceremony which uses music and allegory to tell the story of the soul’s journey home to God.

Due to the inward nature of Sunday Service, we invite children who are unable to sit quietly throughout the service to attend our Sunday School.

For more information: please call the Village Reception Office at (530) 478-7500, 9am – 5pm, Mon. – Fri.

On weekends (when the Village Reception Office is closed), please call the Expanding Light for more information at (530) 478-7518, option 1.

Ananda Village Map

Directions to Sunday Service at The Expanding Light

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For Those with Children

All-Community Sunday Service
During special holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Yogananda’s birthday, the first part of Sunday Service is designated especially for children, with inspiring storytelling and a very brief meditation. Children then leave to attend Sunday School, and return to join their parents during the blessing, after the Festival of Light.

Please call the Village Reception Office at (530)478-7500 (Mon. – Fri. 9am -5pm) to find out when All-Community Sunday Service is scheduled.

Sunday School
For Children Four and Older

Time: Drop off is between 10:45 – 11am each Sunday. Please be prompt, as this helps class take place without disruptions. Children will be escorted to the Expanding Light Temple at 12 noon (or to the amphiheater in summer) to meet their parents, who are then responsible for looking after their child.

If your child is attending for the first time, please contact Bhaktimarg Goering in advance at  

Location: Ananda Village’s Orchard/Permaculture Garden
(During bad weather, Sunday School is held in Serenity House Lounge at The Expanding Light.)

Children four and older are welcome to attend the Village’s weekly Sunday School while parents attend adult Service. Activities can include a story or game, an age appropriate service project, and a very short meditation. There is no charge for Sunday School; if children wish, they can bring coins for the money jar as part of offertory.

Important information about dress: Sunday School is held outdoors throughout the year, except during rain or snow. Please dress children accordingly, and in clothes that are comfortable for play.

For more information: Please call the Village Reception Office at (530) 478-7500, 9am – 5pm, Mon. – Fri.

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Directions to the Orchard/Permaculture Garden

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Join Us for Other Family Activities
Our Family Ministry often plans special activities such as family kirtans, potlucks, crafts and service projects. Please contact Sarah Brink at to find out what’s happening.