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The Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat

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Phone:  (530) 478-7557
Hours:  The office is open Mon. – Fri., 9am – 5pm PST.

Nestled in the forest on the original land on which Ananda Village was founded, the Meditation Retreat provides the perfect environment for guests and visitors who wish to tap into deep inner stillness.

Ananda Meditation Retreat Directions

Directions to the Meditation Retreat

For driving directions, click here.

Day Guests

Hours: Visitors are welcome 9 am – 5pm, Mon. – Fri. Please call the office in advance to let them know you will be coming, at (530) 478-7557.

Though only 6 miles away from the main area of Ananda Village, the Meditation Retreat is set apart from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Walk the grounds, sit and reflect at one of the meditation ponds or many outdoor meditation sites, and enjoy 3 acres of colorful, fenced botanical gardens. 

On arrival, please visit the Meditation Retreat office to let them know you will be enjoying the grounds.  They will let you know when the Temple is open for meditation, and are happy to offer you a map and suggestions of what to see and do while visiting their serene 60 acres. 

Meditation Retreat Temple

Filled with powerful vibrations of peace, residents and guests have been meditating at this site for over 45 years.  Come sit quietly in silent reflection or prayer.

Babaji’s Cave

A smaller, more intimate space than the Meditation Retreat Temple, this underground “cave” is ideal for deep, quiet meditations.  It is dedicated to the deathless yogi Babaji, one of Ananda’s line of gurus (spiritual teachers).

Overnight Guests

Whether coming with friends or on your own, the Meditation Retreat offers a variety of options for an uplifting and inspiring stay.

Personal Retreat

Stay in a cabin,bungalow or lodge and enjoy the peaceful forest surroundings and expansive mountain views, wooded walking trails, sparkling ponds and vibrant gardens.  Dive deep into the peace of the Mediation Retreat Temple or the Babaji Cave.

Choose to join retreat staff and residents for meals (breakfast, $7; lunch, $10; dinner $10), or rent a cabin with a kitchen and prepare your own.

If you contact the retreat well in advance of your stay, they are happy to arrange meditation instruction or seclusion guidance. 

The retreat office can also direct you to the Center for Radiant Health (our community’s healing center) if you wish to make an appointment for massage or alternative healing.

Seclusion and Personal Silent Retreat

Whether in silence or seclusion (or a combination of both), the deep stillness of the Meditation Retreat makes it the perfect place for inner renewal.

A seclusion is a spiritual vacation that you arrange to take to be closer to God, to spend in prayer and meditation, or to set aside time for yourself and deepening your own spiritual practices.

Guidance from staff (experienced secluders) is available to help you get the most out of your seclusion.  Please call the Meditation Retreat office well in advance of your stay so they can arrange to serve you in this way.

A personal silent retreat is time taken in silence, where you consciously choose to redirect your attention and focus from the outward flow of talking in order to become aware of the silence and stillness within.

To support your intention of silence, you can pick up an “in silence” badge at the Meditation Retreat office so that staff and other guests can respect your wish not to talk and to remain inward during your stay. 

There is also an “in silence” table in the dining room, if you’d prefer to enjoy prepared meals rather than cooking on your own.

For more information on rates and accommodations, please contact the Meditation Retreat at (530) 478-7557 or visit their website at