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Take a Retreat
Programs and Accommodations

Fog in the retreat gardens

Treat yourself to an uplifting and relaxing vacation by booking a stay at the Expanding Light, the Ananda Meditation Retreat, Gaia House (for group rental), Banyan House (available for families during the summer, when school is out), or the Crystal Hermitage Guest House. Whichever you choose, we look forward to welcoming you.

The Expanding Light Retreat
Sign up for a class, or give yourself the gift of time to relax and recharge during a less structured Personal Retreat. Experience ashram life through the Karma Yoga program. Become a certified Ananda Yoga or meditation teacher. Choose from a variety of programs focusing on yoga, meditation, radiant health and well-being, and spiritual growth. More

The Ananda Meditation Retreat
Nestled in the forest on the original land on which Ananda Village was founded (5 miles up the road from Ananda Village’s main campus), the Ananda Meditation Retreat provides the perfect environment for guests who wish to tap into deep inner stillness. Come for a personal seclusion, or be part of a silent group retreat. Take a program on holistic recovery, meditation, or spiritual growth. More