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2014 Programs

Foundations of Community
2014 Programs

Living Wisdom Family Camp

Learn the Principles and Practicalities
of Living in Cooperative Community
Foundations of Community Program Dates:
June 1 – 8; August 15 – 17; September 25 – 28
With the Ananda Institute of Cooperative Living, at Ananda Village

About Cooperative Community

Cooperative Community is an inspired way of living: a purposeful gathering of like-minded individuals dedicated to shared ideals and working toward a common goal. To date, Ananda has established nine such flourishing communities worldwide.

About The Ananda Institute of Cooperative Living

The Ananda Institute of Cooperative Living, located at Ananda Village, is a school of practical experience and resourceful knowledge in the groundbreaking, vital field of Cooperative Communities.

Through programs and internships, The Ananda Institute of Cooperative Living aims to share nearly half a century’s valuable experience on the successful planning, founding and sustaining of spiritual communities dedicated to simple living and high thinking.

About the Foundations of Community Program

You will learn in real time from members of a thriving intentional community of nearly 50 years. Join us for hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and intuitive understanding of the principles and practicalities necessary for successful cooperative community. Learn how to be happy, to succeed, and to create community in all that you do, wherever you are.

You will gain knowledge and valuable experience in vital areas, such as:

  • how to create, sustain, and thrive in community
  • how to live harmoniously with others, with nature, and with the world
  • how to utilize methods of sustainable organic agriculture, natural building, and community development
  • how to apply skills in decision making, leadership, and in achieving financial success

Meals, Lodging and Cost

All program participants enjoy meals and accommodations at The Expanding Light Retreat. The cost of your program (which includes all meals, lodging, classes and activities) depends on the program length and your choice of accommodations.
Click here for information about accommodations options and rates.

For more information and to reserve:
Expanding Light Retreat
(800) 346-5350 ext. 1

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